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ZENZ Scalp massage guide

Scalp massage tutorial

"How to" do the right scalp massage and why

It is not a secret visiting a hair salon should be a complete experience from entering the door of the salon to leaving with a freshly new cut, colour, hairstyle and well treated hair. Apart from several side services, hair salons should offer to increase the level of customer service, there is one thing we believe every hairstylist should consider incorporating into their services and that is scalp massage. Scalp massage during the washing of hair or application of treatment not only helps the customer to relax, but it also has positive benefits on scalp health and hair growth.

We can all agree it feels fantastic and not only that, scalp massage reinforces the scalp, creates better blood flow, stimulates lymphatic drainage, stretches the cells of hair follicles, fights with dandruff, relieves stress and this all improves the hair growth and production of thick hair.

ZENZ Organic recommend hairdressers to do the scalp massage as a part of a hair treatment. The massage will help with the absorption of the treatment and it will increase the positive outcome on your hair and scalp. Find recommended products at the end of this site. 

Video tutorial and step by step guide

Find the complete Scalp Massage Tutorial in the video below. It will explain the technique with both video and illustrations. 

A simple step by step will guide you with both illustrations and descriptions. Download the guide after seeing the video. Then it is easy to have on the side of the sink for guidance when practicing the scalp massage technique.

Scalp massage guide

Find the guide in English here and in Danish here


Products to use for scalp massage

Use top quality haircare products from ZENZ Organic to obtain the best result from the scalp massage. Find the suitable products to use for the customer and make a complete customized hair treatment together with the scalp massage.

Start with washing the hair with a ZENZ Organic Shampoo of choice:
Find all of our Shampoos here.

Mix Treatment Pure no. 03 together with Oil Treatment of choice:
Find all of our Oil Treatments here.

Let the treatment work even better by using ZENZ Organic HairSpa. A sustainable heat cap that will boost the effect of hair treatments

Use Conditioner of choice as the last step:
Find all of our Conditioners here.

Scalp massage

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