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The story of ZENZ is the story of the hairdresser who changed the beauty industry

During her apprenticeship as a hairdresser, Anne-Sophie Skjødt Villumsen developed an allergy to traditional chemical hair products.

In 1999, she opened her first hair salon under the name ZENZ Organic Hairdressing, which was the beginning of ZENZ, where natural health and sustainability were the core values. As Anne-Sophie developed an allergy to traditional hair products during her apprenticeship, the selection of professional products free from unwanted chemicals was very limited, which made her work as a hairdresser difficult. For Anne-Sophie, it was the beginning of a long battle where the mission to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable hairdressing industry was established.

In 2005, Anne-Sophie was a part of the establishment of Safe Hair Salon. It is a certification given to hair salons that use healthier products and actively work to reduce their environmental and climate footprint.

By the summer of 2007, Anne-Sophie had been running her business for several years, and it was steadily growing. She realized that she had reached a point where she needed help with the further development and management of ZENZ. In her search for assistance, she met Jørgen Skjødt, who worked as a business developer and business angel. The meeting between Anne-Sophie and Jørgen turned out to be a fateful meeting. They fell for each other and shared a passion for a healthier and more sustainable beauty industry. In 2008, the couple became partners both personally and professionally, and a new dream for the further development of ZENZ was born. They set their own eight goals for sustainable development.

The first ZENZ products were ready in 2010 and were certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and AllergyCertified. It was a small exclusive line of professional hair products that have been continuously expanded and today includes everything from haircare, styling, henna hair colours to makeup, oils, face creams, and sun protection. In 2015, Anne-Sophie won the award Hairdresser of the Year at Danish Beauty Award.

"What we put in our hair and on our skin is absorbed by the body, just like what we eat. It makes no sense for beauty products to contain allergenic, carcinogenic, and environmentally harmful ingredients. Changing that is my life's purpose."

- Anne-Sophie Skjødt Villumsen

The entrepreneurial couple's skills matched so well that in 2017, Jørgen decided to fully commit to ZENZ alongside Anne-Sophie. It was also the beginning of ZENZ's transformation towards new ambitious goals. Every branch of the company was to strive to support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals while creating ZENZ Version 2.0 through a relaunch of the company and ZENZ Organic Products as result.

ZENZ has won awards both nationally and internationally and has been recognized for its products, hairdressers, and concept. In 2021, after the launch of ZENZ Version 2.0, Anne-Sophie and Jørgen Skjødt won the honorary award Fiery Soul at Danish Beauty Award. This award is given to people in the industry who have made a difference and serve as role models for others. Read more about awards here.

Today, ZENZ ApS is a global company represented in more than 20 countries, with its own salons, franchise salons, and product lines available in most parts of the world.


1999: Opening of the first ZENZ salon

2005: Anne-Sophie participates in the establishment of the Safe Hair Salon certification

2005: ZENZ wins the Environmental Award from the Municipality of Copenhagen 

2006: Anne-Sophie contributes to the opening of the Knowledge Center for Hairdressers and Cosmetologists

2008: Anne-Sophie and Jørgen start their journey and vision for ZENZ. They define ZENZ's own 8 goals for sustainable development

2010: Launch of ZENZ Organic Products

2015: Anne-Sophie is awarded Hairdresser of the Year at Danish Beauty Award 

2017: The UN's Sustainable Development Goals become the framework for ZENZ's strategy

2021: Opening of ZENZ Organic Academy 

2021: Launch of ZENZ Version 2.0

2021: Anne-Sophie and Jørgen are Fiery Soul at Danish Beauty Award

2024: Launch of skincare and makeup