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UN Sustainable Development Goals

In our globalized world, we collectively face a wide range of challenges to secure a better future for the planet, nature, and our fellow human beings.

At ZENZ, we believe that companies should take the lead in addressing these challenges, regardless of whether it is demanded by authorities or customers. Therefore, we proactively work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals as an integral part of our work and decision-making.

It is crucial for us and other companies to be sincere when we say that we are working positively to improve our shared world. For example, we believe that merely setting a goal for a higher percentage of renewable energy does not mean we are actively working on SDG #7: Affordable and Clean Energy. More is required; action is needed. That is why we use the independent tool SDG Action Manager, developed by the UN and B Corp, to manage and enhance our contributions to each of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

We actively engage with most of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, although some receive more focus than others, and some primarily through collaborations with other companies. Below, you can read more about how we support the SDGs.

No Poverty + Zero Hunger

For many years, together with PlanBørnefonden, we have helped young women escape poverty and prostitution in Kampala, Uganda. These young women receive education as hairdressers, providing them with the opportunity to support themselves and their families. However, our collaboration with PlanBørnefonden ended at the end of 2022, and we are currently determining how else we can make a difference for people in need.

Good Health and Well-being

When developing new or existing products, we exclude all ingredients that are known or suspected to be hormone-disrupting, allergenic, or carcinogenic. Additionally, we prioritize organic ingredients and strive to choose ingredients and packaging that have the least impact on the environment.

Due to the products we work with in our salons and the way we handle them, we can create a healthy physical work environment for our hairdressers - a field where many have short careers due to becoming ill from the physical conditions at their workplace. 

We always ensure good working conditions, both in our salons and throughout our company.

Quality Education

In our salons, our hairdressing apprentices have repeatedly demonstrated themselves to be among the most skilled in Denmark. We offer internal further education through the ZENZ Organic Academy, including leadership training for hairdressers.

Furthermore, our collaboration with PlanBørnefonden has contributed to educating young women from Kampala, Uganda, as hairdressers.

Gender Equality

At ZENZ, regardless of gender, everyone is guaranteed full and effective participation, as well as equal opportunities for leadership at all levels and in decision-making processes. It is an integral part of our employees policy that all forms of discrimination, including gender-based discrimination, are not allowed, and violations are strongly addressed.

Clean Water and Sanitation

Our products are manufactured without causing harm to groundwater, and we ensure that our products do not negatively impact groundwater when used. In our salons, we do not use any products that would affect groundwater in any way.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

We prioritize offering our employees a workplace with good conditions and a fair salary.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

We are pioneers in the beauty industry when it comes to leading the way towards positive change. We serve as a notable source of inspiration for others who seek to incorporate more sustainable ingredients and technologies in beauty products. We are very proud of this.

Reduced Inequalities

It is important to us that we can offer all our employees a good and fair wage. We foster an inclusive work environment and ensure that no discrimination occurs.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Our products are multifunctional and long-lasting, allowing users to reduce their overall consumption of beauty products. We have a strong focus on never discarding products. If we have products we cannot use, we donate them to those who can.

The packaging for our products largely consists of recycled (and recyclable) plastic. We ensure that an amount of plastic equivalent to the weight of our packaging is collected from the oceans. We have OWP+ Special Edition products where the the bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic. 20% of these are OWP+, a raw material made from plastic waste collected by ReSea Project from oceans/rivers. The other 80% are from recycled plastic from consumers (PCR). In our salons, we have a refill concept to minimize plastic use among our customers. Additionally, we collect our own discarded plastic to upcycle it into furnishings for our salons.

Climate Action

We proactively and continuously work to increase our climate efforts. This includes reducing our own consumption of energy and water, transporting goods by bicycle, and assisting consumers in using our products in the most environmentally friendly way and properly disposing of the packaging.

Life Below Water + Life on Land

We take pride in reducing our impact on marine and terrestrial life. We have achieved a high degree of recycled (and recyclable) plastic in our packaging and continually strive to minimize our use of virgin plastic. 

As OWP+ Partner we have in collaboration with Ocean Waste Plastic developed an OWP+ Special Edtion packaging which is made from 100% recycled plastic. 20% of these are OWP+, a raw material made from plastic waste collected by ReSea Project from oceans/rivers. The other 80% are from recycled plastic from consumers (PCR). We expect that in the future we can increase the proportion of OWP+ in the packaging. Furthermore, we ensure that an amount of plastic is collected from the oceans equivalent to the weight of our packaging.

We proactively and continuously work on our plastic ecosystem. We have strict waste management at all our locations, a refill concept for products in our salons, and collect our plastic to upcycle it into inventory for our salons.