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When you choose ZENZ Organic Products, you not only take care of your own and your customers' health, but also the environment and nature we share. At ZENZ, we have a range of initiatives that collectively contribute to a more sustainable consumption and a better environment. We have our own ecosystem where we have carefully considered every part of our packaging's lifecycle.

The products we use, and sell are stored in plastic packaging and shipped in cardboard boxes. Every time new plastic or paper is produced, it has a negative impact on our world. And it has an additional negative impact if it is not disposed of correctly.

We are actively working on our entire packaging ecosystem to reduce our impact on the environment. Our ecosystem includes using recycled plastic, Ocean Waste Plastic, and collecting plastic waste from the world's oceans, as well as refill concepts in our salons and furniture made from plastic waste.

Globally, almost 80% of all plastic waste ends up in landfills, but only 9% is recycled. Additionally, 900 tons of plastic waste are dumped into the world's oceans every hour, according to the World Economic Forum/ The numbers speak for themselves. There is no doubt that plastic harms the environment and disrupts nature's ecosystems. They are fragile and easily affected by the way humans live, just as microplastics pollute the bodies of humans and animals.

At ZENZ, we want to do something about it. We think sustainably, and to minimize the consumption of plastic, we have our own ecosystem and sustainable initiatives. We are convinced that together we can make a difference, so we can protect our environment and nature and avoid plastic causing more harm than good in the end.

Reduction of Environmental Impact by at least 40%

With ZENZ Organic Products Version 2.0, we have, on average, reduced the environmental impact by at least 40%. Our shampoos and conditioners have been made more concentrated, which means they last longer despite maintaining the same high quality. You can use 30% less to achieve the same results. The environmental footprint of our packaging has been reduced by over 50%. As a result, the overall CO2 emissions have been reduced by nearly 40% on average.

Read more in the Danish report "Bæredygtig bundlinje 2.0: Miljøoptimeret emballage ZENZ" (Sustainable Bottom Line 2.0: ZENZ's Environmentally Optimized Packaging).

Packaging made of Recycled Plastic

At ZENZ, we want to contribute to the reuse of plastic that has already been produced. Therefore, the majority of our packaging is made from recycled plastic sourced from consumers. By using recycled plastic, we can take advantage of the material's unique durability and easy cleanliness while reducing the production of new plastic.


As part of our salon concept, we offer customers the opportunity to refill their empty haircare packaging with new products at our Refill stations. The concept is simple and convenient. The bottles can be refilled as many times as desired. This way, we can together minimize the environmental footprint and take care of our environment on land and water. Customers not only help reduce plastic consumption but also save money since the refill price is lower.

Expected in 2024

Furniture made from Recycled Packaging

When our customers finish using their empty ZENZ products, we encourage them to return the packaging to the salons, where it will be included in our existing waste sorting system. In collaboration with A:GAIN in Copenhagen, a portion of the empty packaging we receive will be recycled and transformed into displays and furniture for our salons. Currently, we use recycled plastic from Carlsberg, which gives a beautiful marble-like look to displays and counters.

Collection of Plastic from the World's Oceans

We do not only reduce plastic production, but we also make efforts to keep the world's oceans clean. In collaboration with ReSea Project, Ocean Waste Plastic is collected from the oceans 1:1 to the weight of our product packaging. The suitable plastic collected is locally recycled in Jakarta, Indonesia. Furthermore, as OWP+ Partner we have developed a Special Edition bottle together with Ocean Waste Plastic, where 20% of the packaging is OWP+, a raw material made from plastic waste collected by ReSea Project from oceans/rivers. The other 80% are from recycled plastic from consumers (PCR). 

UN Sustainable Development Goals

In addition to our own packaging ecosystem, we also contribute to UN's Sustainable Development Goals, specifically addressing responsible consumption and ensuring a healthy environment and nature.