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ZENZ Organic Products aims to prioritize the health of hairdressers as well as their customers. Therefore, none of our products contain unwanted chemicals or hormone-disrupting substances. As a pioneer working for a healthier and more sustainable beauty industry, ZENZ has been collaborating with researchers, doctors, and official certification organizations for years to develop the healthiest and most sustainable beauty products, always making efforts to minimize our environmental and climate impact. 

The products create a space for self-indulgence and well-being. When using the products, a pleasant natural scent and soft consistency of the products contributes to a holistic sensory experience. With ZENZ Organic Products, you can create a wellness experience for your customers for them to feel how the products nourish their skin and hair with nature's finest ingredients. 


Active, natural and certified organic ingredients.

The products are based on active, natural, and certified organic ingredients. We have carefully selected some of nature's finest raw materials filled with vitamins and minerals that nourish and strengthen both hair and skin. The main ingredients in our products are organic purified aloe vera and organic cold-pressed avocado oil, which have excellent skin and haircare properties.


Allergy-friendly products make a different and provide the basis for a healthy working environment in the salon.

The Pure line from ZENZ is a complete line that includes haircare, styling, and skincare products. What all the products in the Pure line have in common is that they are free of artificial and natural fragrance substances and are AllergyCertified. The AllergyCertified label is your guarantee if you want to prevent allergies. We recommend the line to scent sensitive people, pregnant women, children, and others who want to avoid both artificial and natural fragrance substances.

ZENZ works for a healthier and more sustainable beauty industry, and as part of this, ZENZ creates the best possible products that provide a healthy working environment for hairdressers. Allergies and skin disorders are often seen in the hairdressing profession, which is a reason why many must quit. Allergy-friendly products can prevent allergies but also allow allergy sufferers to continue in their profession.

The Pure line was nominated in the category Green Award of the Year at Danish Beauty Award 2022.

Scent Universe

The scent in our products is carefully chosen so that they can be mixed while still maintaining a harmonious scent synergy.

ZENZ products have a pleasant natural scent and a soft consistency that contributes to a holistic sensory experience when using the products. Mild essential oils and fragrances specially selected by ZENZ founder Anne-Sophie Skjødt Villumsen provide delightful scent notes and aromatherapeutic experiences in everyday life. The scent in our products is carefully chosen so that they can be mixed while still maintaining a harmonious scent synergy. Therefore, all our products can be mixed to achieve exactly the feeling and energy your customer needs. Several of our products contain mild essential fragrances.