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Official hair partner of CPHFW NEWTALENT

Official hair partner of CPHFW NEWTALENT

ZENZ believes in new talent, which is why we are very proud to be the official hair partner of CPHFW NEWTALENT.

At ZENZ, we work with a promise to always do better with respect for our common health and planet. This responsibility includes supporting partnerships and investing in the next generation of talent so they can achieve their shared goal of creating a more responsible fashion industry. ZENZ supports the Nordic design talents and their development as role models in the industry, so that they can show the way forward internationally for a circular future.

Anne-Sophie Skjødt Villumsen & Jørgen Skjødt, ZENZ founders
Photo: Bryndis Thorsteinsdottir  

The Nordic design talents in the CPHFW NEWTALENT program all work dedicatedly to make the fashion industry more responsible and circular. The scheme is supported by a number of strong partners, including the official partner Circulose, which produces recycled textile material. In addition, the Swedish Fashion Council and the graduate platform ALPHA are among the partners who take the talents under their wing in the CPHFW NEWTALENT programme.

From left Ervin Latimer, the designer behind Latimmier; Peter Lundvald Nielsen, founder of P.L.N., Cecilie Thorsmark, CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Week and Amalie Røge Hove, founder of A. Roege Hove.
Photo: Tine Bek

CPHFW NEWTALENT is established by Copenhagen Fashion Week to nurture, develop, and promote emerging Nordic talent on a global scale. The scheme creates new opportunities for the three emerging designers via monetary support, mentorships, partnership offerings, professional advisors, onboarding to the official Copenhagen Fashion Week show schedule, event participation, showroom activations, alumni network, and extensive PR through Copenhagen Fashion Week’s international community and channels.

By announcing this program we are proud to introduce this scheme as a formalised structure to how Copenhagen Fashion Week is investing in the next generation of exceptional talent.

With responsibility an overarching and foundational focus of our organisation, CPHFW NEWTALENT will continue to grow this dedication.

By presenting a support scheme that will introduce our global audience to three Nordic visionaries and provide an encompassing program to build their brand on an international scale.” - Cecilie Thorsmark, CEO Copenhagen Fashion Week

The three brands within the CPHFW NEWTALENT program will be supported for three consecutive seasons within the CPHFW NEWTALENT program. Subsequently each designer will graduate on to the alumni scheme, that will continue supporting the graduates of the NEWTALENT support scheme across showcasing, events, networking, business support, communication and sponsorship opportunities.

ZENZ styled the hair for the 3 following shows at Copenhagen Fashion Week SS23: 

A. Roege Hove 
Berner Kühl 

Get to know the 3 designers:

Latimmier credit Tine BekPhoto: Tine Bek


Latimmier is a new ready-to-wear label by rising Finnish fashion talent Ervin Latimer.⁠ Latimmier collections are designed for anyone who wants to express masculinity with their clothing. The brand aims to expand the notion of masculinity by challenging who can perform masculinity and what kind of clothing can be used to do that.⁠ At Latimmier sustainability is a prerequisite. 40% of the debut collection materials are of recycled or certified sustainable origin, and the goal is to raise the number to 60% by 2025. This includes maximizing the usage of certified organic cotton, recycled wools, recycled poly-fibres and recycled and vegan dyed leathers. All production is located within the EU, with a goal to launch local Finnish production by 2025.⁠ For Latimmier ecological sustainability goes together with social sustainability. As a brand rooted in POC queer culture, it is important for Latimmier to uplift queer and POC creatives. This also means focusing on the unsustainable norms of the industry, such as long work hours and free internships – Latimmier does not support free internships and has implemented a 4-day work week.⁠ Furthermore, Latimmier argues that sustainable design is not enough. In times of fast fashion and overconsumption, fashion needs a deeper purpose that justifies its existence.⁠

A. Roege Hove credit Tine BekPhoto: Tine Bek

A. Roege Hove

A. Roege Hove is a conceptual knitwear brand that challenges traditions with a modern and artistic approach to original craftsmanship and an aim for silhouettes to be both effortless and extravagant. ⁠The unique designs are created each season by founder Amalie Røge Hove. With a master’s in textile design from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, and years of experience as a knitwear designer for Danish brands such as Cecilie Bahnsen and Mark Tan, she created the brand in 2019 as a way of bringing her own visions of knitwear to life. And it has been evolving and developing ever since.⁠ Defined by an experimenting and intuitive way of working with traditional knitwear techniques, the brand challenges our perception of shape and pushes our expectations of the materials and their behaviour.⁠ 

Berner Kühl

Berner Kühl

Berner Kühl is a Danish menswear brand, started by designer Frederik Berner Kühl.⁠ Prolonging his vision of texture and feel, his ideas first solidify into materials, which are then driving the actual design. Always utilising the key attributes of the raw material in the fabric development phase, the designs often end up being highly dependent on their material origin. The fabric decides what shape is best showcasing the material quality.⁠ With an ambition to create something that is destined to last. The modular wardrobe approach adopted by the brand is calling for less and better consumption. With an intent to educate the consumer on what a good product can be.⁠

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