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Protect your skin

Protect your skin

ZENZ works for a healthier and more sustainable beauty industry and as part of this, ZENZ creates the best possible products that set the framework for a healthy working environment.

Allergies and skin problems are often seen in the hairdressing profession and are the reason why many will have to stop. Allergy-friendly products can prevent allergies, but also give hairdressers with allergies the opportunity to stay in their profession.

Every second hairdresser under the age of 30 suffers from skin problems according to a new study from the Danish Arbejdsmiljørådet. The Pure line from ZENZ gives hairdressers the opportunity to have a healthy working environment as well as prevent and avoid allergies.

Hairdressers work an average of 8,4 years in their profession including their school internship and approx. half stop because they have developed allergies. Get more knowledge to prevent allergies here.

The Danish Arbejdmiljørådet's primary advice for preventing work-related skin disease is: Avoid harmful chemicals and wet hands. Allergy-friendly products make a difference.

Pure AllergyCertified ZENZ hairdressing

The safe, healthy and sustainable choice The Pure line from ZENZ is a complete collection that includes haircare, styling and skincare. The collection is developed by hairdressers for hairdressers with a focus on function and high quality. Common to all Pure products is that they are free of artificial and natural perfumes and AllergyCertified. It is your safety to prevent and avoid allergies.

Danish Beauty Award nomination

The Pure line is nominated in the category Green Award of the Year at Danish Beauty Award 2022. The nominees in this category contribute to sustainable consumption and pay special attention to packaging, climate and the environment. The products are produced in sustainable packaging in recycled plastic. In addition, they are multifunctional and recommended for the whole family.

ZENZ Pure-serien Danish Beauty Award 2022

Read about the Pure line's entire certifications here.

ZENZ Pure certified hairdressing


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