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Read more about OWP+ further down this page

We can all agree that plastic waste does not belong in the oceans, where it harms marine life and our ecosystem. Therefore, we are pleased to collaborate with Ocean Waste Plastic, which actively works to remove plastic from the world's oceans.

What does it mean when a product carries the Ocean Waste Plastic label?

When you purchase a product labeled Ocean Waste Plastic, you are helping to clean up the world's oceans and rivers. In collaboration with the ReSea project, they collect plastic from the oceans at a 1:1 ratio based on the packaging weight every time a new Ocean Waste Plastic-labeled product is produced.

Products with the Ocean Waste Plastic label are also made with recycled plastic to keep existing plastic in circulation and minimize the use of new virgin plastic.

Most products from ZENZ Version 2.0 are labeled with Ocean Waste Plastic. Look for the OWP logo on the product.

What happens to the collected plastic?

The ReSea project collects plastic from the seas and rivers near the coast of Jakarta, Indonesia. The collected plastic is sorted and passed on to local waste banks, which send the plastic for recycling.

You can learn more about the ReSea Project on their website here.

What is the packaging of Ocean Waste Plastic products made of?

The packaging of our products labeled with Ocean Waste Plastic is made from recycled plastic from consumer and industrial sources in our part of the world.

By using OWP-labeled products from ZENZ Organic Products, you are contributing to protecting our planet by recycling plastic, allowing us to reduce the production of new virgin plastic together.

ZENZ has chosen Ocean Waste Plastic because:

We believe that the beauty industry has a responsibility to reduce the use of new virgin plastic and take better care of the world's oceans and nature. We can do this, among other things, by recycling plastic and supporting the cleanup efforts in the world's oceans in collaboration with Ocean Waste Plastic. We are constantly working to optimize our packaging, and we have our own packaging ecosystem. Read more about it here.

You can learn more about Ocean Waste Plastic here.


At ZENZ, we want to recycle the plastic that already exists. Therefore, the majority of our packaging is made from 100% recycled plastic from consumers and industry.

Through our collaboration with Pack Tech and their partner ReSea Project, who operate a documented and certified collection solution, we make a measurable difference to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the world's oceans. They collect plastic from the world's oceans 1:1 against the packaging weight of our products.

Our mission is to create a healthier and more sustainable beauty industry. As a frontrunner in the industry, we are proud to be an official OWP+ Partner. This means we can support the development of new technologies, that can make a difference in the future by converting plastic from the world's oceans into packaging.” - Jørgen Skjødt, CEO.

OWP+ is an add-on to the OWP concept. With OWP+ we use the collected plastic waste to produce new packaging. 

OWP+ special edition

As OWP+ Partner we are proud to announce a new product in an OWP+ Special Edition.

Our new Body Wash Pure no. 40 and Body Wash Blossom no. 41 is, in addition to an extension of our product portfolio, also in an OWP+ Special Edition. The packaging is made of 100% recycled plastic. 20% of this is OWP+, a raw material made from plastic waste collected by the ReSea Project from the world's oceans. The remaining 80% is recycled plastic from consumers (PCR).

OWP+ Special Edition is characterized by the grey colour. It will be available in 250 ml for Body Wash Pure no. 40 and Body Wash Blossom no. 41.

With this progress, we are affecting the industry in a more responsible and positive direction in relation to the production and use of more sustainable packaging.


In connection with the project, ZENZ’s founders, Anne-Sophie and Jørgen, visited the ReSea Project in Jakarta, Indonesia. Here they got an insight into the process and helped collect and sort plastic waste. Indonesia is one of the most plastic-polluted countries in the world and is struggling with one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time.

Anne-Sophie and Jørgen talk about the trip: 

"A change can happen if we support across countries, continents and cultures. Seeing the whole process from collecting plastic from seas and rivers to sorting and recycling was a fantastic positive experience. We also met the local fishermen and their families who have gained a higher living standard and at the same time there are less plastic in the rivers around them. It is so affirming that we can make a real difference for both environment and people.


The OWP+ Special Edition bottles are made of HDPE and collected plastic bags are the primarily source. 

The process for OWP+:

  • The ReSea Project collects the plastic waste
  • The ReSea Project sorts the plastic at their sorting station
  • The ReSea Project presses the sorted plastic
  • Pack Tech collects the pressed plastic and ensures that they reach the processor
  • The processor melts the plastic and transforms it into new granules
  • The granules are now transported to their manufacturers, where they are implemented in the packaging

We expect that in the future we can increase the proportion of OWP+ in the packaging. The amount of OWP+ affects the colour, shape and use of the packaging.

As with all our other packaging, we encourage all our customers to sort our OWP+ Special Edition bottles so they can be included in a recycling program of plastic waste.