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"A gift for myself, my employees and our customers"

"A gift for myself, my employees and our customers"

Kicki Merkel chose to become a partner at ZENZ Organic Hairdressing in the summer of 2020. Read all about her experience of becoming part of a professional community and getting the support base that she was missing. 

Part of a professional community

“I feel like it’s a gift for myself, my employees and to that extent also our customers.” That’s what Kicki Merkel said when she chose to become a part of the community at ZENZ in the summer of 2020. For nearly 10 years, Kicki has been self-employed and ran her own hair salon in Nykøbing Falster. Now she has undergone the transformation and gained new, larger facilities for her salon ZENZ Organic Hairdressing by Kicki Merkel. Here she tells all about how her experience has been:

Happy customers and new customers

“Our customers have received the new facilities, new products and new treatments very well. They really like that we’re now able to offer them massage in the wash chairs, foot bath when getting a colour treatment, a new and delicious coffee machine and greater focus on our luxury treatments. We have also gained several new customers after we became part of ZENZ.”

Multifunctional products

”We have been a part of ZENZ for quite some time now, and besides having the most beautiful facilities in line with the other ZENZ salons, we are also very excited for the products. In the beginning we had to get used to the product line being quite small, however once learning the functionality, then there are no limits.” 

Help with marketing

“What I love the most, about becoming a part of ZENZ, is all the help with the administrative. There is an amazing team of skilled people who help with everything from marketing, newsletters, websites etc. That’s such an important part of our industry. There are only 24 hours in a day, and you have so many different responsibilities as a small, independent hairdresser. Therefore, it’s so great to be able to let others handle some of these responsibilities. I still feel like I am independent, but I got the support base I was missing. I really appreciate that.”

Inspiration and education

”Besides the administrative, I love all the teaching we get at ZENZ Academy – both physically and online. Securing your employees, so they can continue to improve their skills, is really great. We have trainees and it’s an advantage that they can receive education, so you don’t have to manage it all by yourself.”


ZENZ is Denmark’s largest and fastest growing green hairdressing chain, where everyone works equally to develop and create respect for the hairdressing profession. As a partner in ZENZ you will never stand alone. You will become part of a community based on professionalism, creativity and financial security.

A partnership with ZENZ ensures you a healthier work environment, unique products and local marketing. ZENZ can provide you with the best solution, where we ensure that your needs and wishes are met. Contact us to hear more. Find our contact information here



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