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Recommended products for extensions

Recommended products for extensions

In our Danish hairdressing salons we use extensions from HairTalk. The following haircare and styling products from ZENZ Organic have been tested and approved by Hairtalk's experts for use with Hairtalk extensions. The costumer will retain the 6 month Hairtalk warranty by using the following products.


Shampoo Pure no. 01 

A wonderful shampoo that adds lots of moisture to the hair and is very gentle on the extensions. Perfect for delicate hair and sensitive scalp. It strengthens scalp and hair and is without perfume and essential oil.

Read more about Shampoo Pure no. 01 here.


Conditioner Pure no. 02

Super protective and incredibly gentle conditioner, which is important for hair with extensions. It nurtures and protects the hair strand and is without perfume and essential oil.

Read more about Conditioner Pure no. 02 here.


Styling Gel Sweet Orange no. 12 

A moisturizing styling gel which is perfect if you want to make beautiful Hollywood curls with a straightener or curling wand. It has a high content of purified organic aloe vera that helps protect and nourish the hair.

Read more about Styling Gel Sweet Orange no. 12 here.

 Volume Hair Powder Pure no. 89

Volume Hair Powder Pure no. 89

The hair powder provides maximum volume for flat hair and in updos. It absorbs dirt and grease from the hair. Perfect for the days where you want to skip a hair wash.

Read more about Volume Hair Powder Pure no. 89 here.


Hair Brush Paddle Combo

Boar bristle brush for brushing hair with a combination of ion charged bristles and boar bristles. Restores hair balance and shine. Reduces static electricity and frizzy hair.

Read more about 
Hair Brush Paddle Combo here.

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