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ZENZ to continue as official hair partner of CPHFW NEWTALENT

ZENZ to continue as official hair partner of CPHFW NEWTALENT

We are proud to announce that ZENZ continues collaboration with the CPHFW as an official hair partner for CPHFW NEWTALENT. ZENZ believes in new talent, which is why we are very proud to continue to be the official hair partner for CPHFW NEWTALENT.

At ZENZ, we work with a promise to always do better with respect for our common health and the planet. This responsibility includes supporting partnerships and investing in the next generation of talent so they can achieve their goal of creating a more responsible fashion industry. ZENZ supports the Nordic design talents and their development as role models in the fashion industry, so that they can show the way forward internationally for a circular future.

18 Minimum Standards for all brands

For the upcoming fashion week in Copenhagen, there is a new mandatory entry requirement for all 28 brands. They must not only be approved by the CPHFW Show Committee, but also by the CPHFW Sustainability Committee. This means that the line-up of brands for the upcoming fashion week has been selected both based on fashion design criteria as well as a full value chain perspective, as they all meet Copenhagen Fashion Week's 18 Minimum Standards requirements by virtue of their efforts in the following areas:

  • Strategic Direction
  • Design
  • Smart Material Choices
  • Working Conditions
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Show

Cecilie Thorsmark, CPHFW CEO, states:
"Three years ago, we announced that Copenhagen Fashion Week in 2023 would introduce mandatory Minimum Standards for brands to comply with in order to be admitted to the show schedule. We simply wished to rethink our platform and use our position to contribute to accelerating the sustainability efforts of the fashion brands that make up Copenhagen Fashion Week. Ever since, we have been working closely with the brands to support them through various knowledge sharing activities and to prepare them for an extensive application process this season, and I am utterly impressed by the dedication the brands have shown in making the necessary strides to live up to the Minimum Standards."

Read more about the 18 Minimum Standards in this article. A strategic and inspiring initiative in the fashion industry that ZENZ is proud to support.


ZENZ' stylists will be styling the hair backstage for the upcoming fashion week.

CPHFW NEWTALENT x ZENZ                CPHFW SS23 Runway Photo: James Cochrane 

A. Roege Hove - CPHFW NEWTALENT alumni 

A. Roege Hove is a conceptual knitwear brand that challenges traditions with a modern and artistic approach to original craftsmanship and an aim for silhouettes to be both effortless and extravagant.

How the brand work with sustainability

Drawing on a rich culture of Danish design and craftsmanship, each piece is developed in the studio in Copenhagen and carefully produced by our cooperative knit factories located Italy and Ireland, under fair working conditions.

All A. Roege Hove designs are knitted directly into shape, having therefore very little waste. A. Roege Hove wish to take full advantage of the craft of knitting. It can be difficult not to have any waste in terms of leftover yarn, but each A. Roege Hove piece produced in Italy is created through a “no waste” production model. This model has a material waste close to zero by having a +/- 10% tolerance in terms of delivered quantities – a tolerance we are willing to risk to ensure less production waste. The brand only use multi-certified organic cotton from Emilcotoni and Iafil – certifications counting: BCI CERTIFICERET, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TE, STeP by OEKO-TEX, OCS certified by ICEA, RWS certified by ICEA, GRS certified by ICEA and ISO 14001 certificate.

Watch the show with livesteaming here on the 1st of February 2023 at 14.00 - 14.30 and remember to follow our Instagram-profil


Latimmier is a new ready-to-wear label by rising Finnish fashion talent Ervin Latimer.

Latimmier collections are designed for anyone who wants to express masculinity with their clothing. The brand aims to expand the notion of masculinity by challenging who can perform masculinity and what kind of clothing can be used to do that. 

Latimmier is one of the three recipients of CPHFW NEWTALENT supported by Circulose®, a 100% recycled material.

How the brand work with sustainability

At Latimmier sustainability is a prerequisite. 40% of the debut collection materials are of recycled, or certified sustainable origin, and the goal is to raise the number to 60% by 2025. This includes maximizing the usage of certified organic cottons, recycled wools, recycled poly-fibers and recycled and vegan dyed leathers. All production is located within the EU, with a goal to launch local Finnish production by 2025.

For Latimmier ecological sustainability goes together with social sustainability. As a brand rooted in POC queer culture, it is important for Latimmier to uplift queer and POC creatives. This also means focusing on the unsustainable norms of the industry, such as long work hours and free internships – Latimmier does not support free internships and has implemented a 4-day work week.

Furthermore, Latimmier argues that sustainable design is not enough. In the times of fast fashion and overconsumption, fashion needs a deeper purpose that justifies its existence.

Watch the show with live-steaming here on the 31th of January 2023 at 14.00 - 14.30 and remember to follow our Instagram-profil.


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